Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon spot that includes birdwatching? Here are some of the best destinations in the world for spotting birds of all kinds! Why not design your honeymoon around your hobby of birdwatching…

iguana-outdoors-areasGalápagos Islands, Ecuador
These islands, though small, manage to host one sixth of all the bird species in the world! Due to the popularity and diversity of the Galapagos Islands aviary selection, there are many different bird watching tours that you and your spouse can go on. The Galapagos Islands have a variety of climates and habitats, so there is a wide range of the birds that can be found there. For example, you can sightsee in the lowland rainforest, humid slopes, or the Andes Mountains. Besides their impressive display of bird species, the Galapagos Islands also promise history for Darwinists and more interesting sites for your exploration.

During your lovely stay in Galapagos, we recommend staying in the Iguana Crossing Hotel. Its location is supreme, as it is situated on a beautiful beach that is surrounded by a natural reserve. Take advantage of the ocean-views from your rooms or the surrounding island view from the Jacuzzi on the roof. They also offer a pool and many menu choices for you to enjoy.

BirdwatchingSouthern Peru (Cusco Region)
Explore Peru for an interesting bird watching honeymoon destination! The Cusco Region especially is known for its variety of birds in this unique environment, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. The city of Cusco used to be the capital of the Inca civilization, so there are plenty of ruins and historical sites to check out while you are there. One of the best bird watching locations is Llaullipata, which is free of charge, and has many different species of birds to spot.

Enjoy Inkaterra La Casona during your time in Peru. This hotel is in the middle of the capital that offers excursions and cultural experiences of Cusco. The amenities of the hotel include a private spa, terrace and balcony, lounge and room service. The suites look over Cusco, providing you with an exceptional view. The Inkaterra La Casona is the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions, including TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Peru.

Cliff_View2Cayo, Belize
Belize, specifically in the Cayo district, assures the sighting of many exotic birds. Here, by simply taking a canoe ride down the river, you are able to spot a number of unusual birds. Their specialties are toucans, macaws, parrots and hummingbirds. There are also a range of waterfowl that you can locate on the banks of the Macal and Mopan Rivers. Due to the climate and topography of Cayo, they host migrating birds from the surrounding areas as well. Here in Belize, with its 600 species, you and your spouse are sure to be in birder’s heaven!

Just above the Macal River lies the Black Rock Lodge, in the center of a rainforest. This hotel is focused on preserving the beautiful environment that they are situated in while still maintaining luxurious accommodations. They have been awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2012 and 2013 as well as the Traveler’s Choice 2013 recognition. Their furnished cabins with a hammock included are sure to delight you and your spouse, whether you decide upon the Classic View Cabin or Waterfall Deluxe Cabin!

Mweya-Breakfast-with-a-viewWestern Region, Uganda
Uganda is unparalleled for its bird watching opportunities among all the countries of Africa. Home to over 1,000 species of birds, it proudly represents 67% of Africa’s total bird population. There are also a host of rare species that can only be found in this region, such as the Shoebill. In the Western Region, in the Albertine Rift, there are a variety of species due to the environment of the mountains and the volcanoes. Another key reserve to visit is Queen Elizabeth’s National Park which holds the largest number of species in any of Africa’s protected zones.

Stay in the middle of Queen Elizabeth’s National Park, in the Mweya Safari Lodge. This lodge has been honored with the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2013. They offer standard rooms, deluxe rooms, suites and cottages to accommodate you. One of the key activities of this lodge is birding as to suit you and your spouse perfectly. They provide other excursions as well for you to explore the park in other styles.

BirdsSanderling_(Calidris_alba)Colombia (Caribbean/Santa Marta region)
There are over 700 species of birds in this popular bird watching region of Colombia. One of the best parts of this region to view the impressive, colorful birds is the Santa Marta Mountains. These mountains show off the endemic species of Santa Marta in a beautiful environment. You could also visit Camarone and Rio Hacha, where there are some specialties and water birds to see in a coastal environment. You can choose to get a guided tour of these regions with professionals as you travel this tallest coastal mountain range in the world.

Mercumbe Hotel SquareThe Merecumbe Hotel is located on the beach of Buritaca. Their 12 guestrooms offer balconies with wonderful views of the mountains, garden or courtyard. Their amenities include a restaurant, laundry services, and Wifi. They are known for their peaceful atmosphere with beachfront relaxation areas and willing staff to arrange whatever else you and your spouse might possibly desire. The Merecumbe Hotel is also very close to the Tayrona National Park, where you can view a variety of interesting birds.

Kapama River LodgeSouth Africa (Kruger National Park)
The Kruger National Park boasts the availability of the “Big 6.” These 6 species of birds are the birds that the tourists to Kruger National Park most desire to see. These birds include the Lappet faced Vulture, Martial Eagle; Saddle billed Stork, Kori Bustard, Ground Hornbill and the rarely spotted Pel’s Fishing Owl. Another famous bird that is present in the Kruger National Park is the Eagle Owl, the largest of all owls in the world. Because this park is so famous for its birding, there is a choice of different bird watching tours to take in order to explore all the options.

The Kapama River Lodge is an ideal hotel to stay in during your exploration of the Kruger National Park. There are 40 suites that are furnished in a luxurious African game lodge imitation. For added comfort and pampering, choose one of their 20 spa suites, located near their spa and equipped with glass doors and windows for a better view of the bush. There are 3 dining styles for you to choose from: Old Africa-style around a fire with local recipes, dinner under the stars by the riverbed for a romantic style, and the Siyatla room with a bar and lounge for formal dining.

The Pantanal, Brazil
The Pantanal is the largest tropical wetland in the world and is South America’s most important wildlife sanctuary. Here you and your spouse can see close to 700 species of birds in a supreme habitat with other mammals and nature as well! Some of the well-known species that they offer are the Hyacinth and Golden-Collared Macaw, Pale-crested and White Woodpecker, Scarlet-headed Blackbird, and so many more. Pantanal also offers the sighting of South America’s Big Five: the Brazilian Tapir, Giant Anteater, Giant River Otter, Jaguar, and the Maned Wolf.

In the heart of the Pantanal lies the Araras Pantanal Ecolodge. This eco-friendly, but comfortable, hotel features 19 rooms with air conditioning. Other hotel amenities include a pool, verandas with hammocks for you to recline in, reading room, bar, and restaurant with authentic Pantanal dishes. They also offer activities for you to enjoy such as trekking, horseback riding, jeep safari, and more.

Sunset Room WebCloud Forest Region, Costa Rica
Looking for a unique environment in which to enjoy your hobby? Explore the Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica, to see the Quetzal, Three-Wattled Bellbird and 400 other species of birds! In the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, there are approximately 30 species of hummingbirds. It is possible to get a guide in order to help you spot the birds in the trees along with other cloud forest animals. There are also a range of possible trails that you can hike at different times in order to get a full view of the park.

Hotel Belmar boasts a perfect location for those looking to take advantage of the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica and their amazing birds. This hotel is placed in the peaks of the Monteverde Reserve, so the parks will be easily accessible. They offer a spa service and a Jacuzzi for their guest’s pleasure. An added bonus is that they arrange bird watching tours and other nature walks from the hotel in order to promote efficiency. Their restaurant provides top-notch service with the supplementary offers of breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch or private dinners for added romance.

Cockatoo Hill RetreatQueensland, Australia (Daintree)
One of the top birding locations in Australia is Daintree, where there are over 430 species of birds. Here, you can choose to take an early morning tour with a specialist in order to maximize your birding time in this prime location. The must-sees here are the many Kingfisher species, Black Bittern, Victoria’s Riflebird, Southern Cassowary and the Red-necked Crake. Within a few hours of this general area, you and your spouse can also view varied species of birds in other environments.

Our recommended hotel for your bird watching honeymoon destination is the Cockatoo Hill Retreat, where you and your spouse can reside in tree houses. These tree houses have scenic balconies, king-sized beds and mini coffee and tea bars for your personal use. Here you and your spouse will be treated to a spectacular view of the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest and the Coral Sea. There is also a pool that you have access to.

Lion Hill CampRift Valley Province, Kenya
Kenya offers a host of different animals and birds for travelers to enjoy. In the Rift Valley Province, there are varying habitats that house different birds. Some of the key places to visit in order to see the maximum number of exotic birds are: Lake Baringo, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara and the Lake Nakuru National Park. Here you will see Lesser Flamingo, Greater Spotted Eagle, Yellow Billed Stork and other globally threatened species. Lake Nakuru is especially known for the rim of flamingos surrounding it.

If you desire to get a closer look of the beautiful flamingos of Nakuru, stay in the Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge. This lodge has great views of the National Park and surroundings. For accommodation, they offer 64 standard rooms and 3 suites for you to choose from. Book the honeymoon package for the ultimate romantic Kenyan experience.