Do you have a palette for amazing cuisine? Why not choose a honeymoon catering to luxurious dining? These destinations feature the best chefs creating meals that will allow you to enjoy the rich culture of the country through your dining…

Blantyre HotelLenox, Massachusetts
In the small town of Lenox, there are many food options for the food-lovers. For example, their Chocolate Springs Café is one of the top 10 chocolate shops in all of America. There are multiple much-loved restaurants that you can visit, such as the Nudel Restaurant and The Wheatleigh. Another highlight of Lenox for coffee-lovers is the Lenox Coffee Shop, reputed to have the best coffee in Massachusetts. Other activities in Lenox include a visit to Tanglewood, the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra; Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, where you can take scenic hikes; and The Mount, a historic site with educational opportunities.

Check out the Blantyre Hotel for your honeymoon stay. This hotel features eight guest suites in the Main House, each decorated uniquely. Other options for accommodation are The Cottages or The Carriage House. If you are a true food-lover, this hotel will appeal to you as it offers Sunday Afternoon Teas, Picnics and Wine Tastings for its guests. The dinner atmosphere is formal and elegant, and everything is cooked to perfection under a professional chef. They also provide a spa and other activities like tennis, golf, lawn sports, hiking and more.

Walland, Tennessee
Walland is situated at the bottom of the Great Smoky Mountains. It is a small town with a big history from the Civil War and in early American history. Some of the best places to eat in Walland are the Rustic Barn Restaurant, known for its quaint decorations and great homemade food, the Riverstone Family Restaurant with generous portions and friendly staff, and the Back Porch Restaurant that is always popular with visitors. The restaurants in Walland are mostly Southern-style and homey with a lot of barbeques, fried chicken and other delicious Southern specialties. While you are in Walland, don’t forget to stop by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to see the black bears and other wildlife!

The hotel we recommend for a honeymoon in Walland is the Blackberry Farm. Blackberry Farm is located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, providing you and your loved one with romantic scenery to enjoy. The hotel has a Farm that grows fresh produce and hosts different food programs. You can choose to stay in a suite, a cottage or an Estate Room, all coming with luxurious furnishings. There are many activities offered at Blackberry Farm, including a spa, fishing, biking, hiking and culinary experiences.

Dublin Ireland
Visit the capital of Ireland to try some tasty Irish food! While you are here, be sure to visit the Porterhouse, with authentic Irish cuisine, including their famous Irish stew. Another food venue that is much loved by the locals of Dublin is Peploe’s. Here, you can try any classic dish in a more elegant setting. If you are a seafood lover, the recommended restaurant is Aqua’s, where they play live jazz as you look over the ocean. Other popular restaurants and cafés that are worth visiting are: the Cake Café, the Bald Barista, Dunne & Crescenzi, Chapter One and Bobo’s. There are a range of different cuisines offered here, all of them sure to exceed your expectations!

Try the Dylan Hotel, where there are special honeymoon suites that you can have prepared for you. The staff with decorate your room with rose petals, bath-oils and candles for an added romantic atmosphere. The Dylan Experience offers suites with memory foam beds, flat screen plasma TV in your room and additional TV in your bathroom, WiFi, Minibar with Irish goodies, and heated bathrooms.

img_15687372Piedmont, Italy
Italy is well-known for its flavorful cuisine and Piedmont has been called the “food capital” of Italy. It is well-known for its traditional pastas and wines like many other Italian regions; however, it also specializes in new culinary combinations! Some of these must-tries have exotic names, such as bagna caôda, a dish with vegetables in a garlic sauce; fonduta, a cheese fondue; and Vitello tonnato, which is veal in a tuna sauce. Piedmont is also famous for its truffles, especially the white truffles. If you are a dessert-lover, then Piedmont is the place for you, as they offer bonet, a flavored custard cake, renowned candied chestnuts, and other desserts featuring their local hazelnuts. If you visit Piedmont, some attractions that you would enjoy are the Egyptian Museum of Turin, the Reggia di Venaria Palace, and the Gran Paradiso National Park.

We advise you and your spouse to stay at the Relais San Maurizio. This hotel boasts 20 rooms and 10 suites all differently decorated and furnished. The rooms range from old stables to ancient cell styles. They also provide you with different activities for you to enjoy, such as golf, hiking and horseback riding. Their restaurant, the Guido da Costigliole, is located in the old wine cellar of a monastery. An added bonus of this hotel is their medical and beauty spa that is accessible to their clients.

Cavas Wine LodgeMendoza, Argentina
Mendoza is located in the foothills on the eastern side of the Andes. They are famous for their wine production and olive oil. A lot of their food has a Creole base, but has also been touched by the Italian and Spanish flavor. Some of the best dishes in Mendoza are: the Humita en chala, a sauce dish made out of corn and tomato; Matambre, an authentic dish consisting of stuffed wrapped beef; and Tomatican, which is made out of tomato, onion and egg and served with rice or potatoes. Their olives are also very popular, and are served a variety of ways, whether plain or spiced or stuffed. Another interesting aspect of Mendoza is the many plazas that you can explore.

Check out the Cavas Wine Lodge for your honeymoon stay in Mendoza. This lodge has glowing reviews from those who have stayed there, because of their impeccable service and luxurious lodgings. They offer a spa, plunge pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, and are surrounded by a vineyard. The rooms are spacious, with exquisite décor and amenities and also provide a view of the Andes.

Marina Bay SandsSingapore
Visit the land of Singapore, where good food is a top priority and sometimes even an obsession. Some of Singapore’s signature dishes are: chicken rice, chili crab, “pork rib tea,” delicious seafood, and many more fares that must be sampled. The food has strong Malay, Chinese and Indian influences. Singapore’s best food is served at hawker stalls, outside. Therefore, there are many choices which usually offer reasonable prices. Hawker stalls also offer a wide range of desserts, most of which are fruit based.

The Marina Bay Sands is one of the most deluxe hotels in Singapore. Their amenities include a fitness center, infinity pool, spa, and in-room dining. They offer multiple restaurants, with different themes and specialties. At these restaurants, you will be able to taste flavors from professional chefs either in private dining or buffet-style. They offer four types of rooms for you to choose from: Deluxe, Premier, Club and Grand Club.

TribeNairobi, Kenya
Nairobi is a fantastic location for a honeymoon, as you get to experience Kenya in all the best ways. The local food is often simple and delicious. Some of the new dishes that you will be able to try are: Ugali, a cornmeal Kenyan staple; Irio, made of green peas, potatoes and corn; Kenyan Pilau, or spiced rice; and lastly the essential Nyama Choma, which is meat roasted Kenyan style. People often eat their stews with Chapatis, which are similar to Indian Naan. Make sure to enjoy some sweet Chai and a Mandazi while you are visiting Nairobi!

The Tribe Hotel has been awarded many commendations and recognitions for its service. Their suites have an African style of decoration, and they also offer signature suites for the extra needs of varying circumstances. Their Kaya spa offers 5 treatment rooms and a hair salon. They also provide a gym that is open 24 hours a day to ensure your ultimate comfort and convenience. The Tribe Hotels food service is called Jiko, which commits to providing fresh produce and a professional dining experience.

ChocolateDorset, UK
If you are a seafood lover, then Dorset is the ideal honeymoon location for you. Dorset is known for its phenomenal seafood and it even has a Seafood Festival once a year. There are also other food fairs in Dorset, such as the Eat Dorset Food Fair. In this fair, the best foods of Dorset are all brought to different stalls for customers to sample. Dorset has cheap restaurants with good food, especially teas, pizzas and baked goods. Most restaurants provide you with a nice view of the coastline for to enjoy while you wait for your food. Other activities in Dorset could be visiting Lulworth Castle Park, the Dorset County Museum, and finally the romantic Bennetts Water Gardens.

What better place to stay during your honeymoon than a chocolate-themed hotel? The Chocolate Boutique Hotel has 13 rooms decorated with chocolate themes. You can indulge in one of their Chocolate Weekend packages, which is where you and your spouse benefit from daily chocolate, a lesson on the history of chocolate, chocolate tasting, chocolate and wine match-up, painting portraits with chocolate and Belgian truffle making. The rooms come with Wifi, breakfast included, tea and coffe facilities, and of course, daily chocolate.

Hotel TennerofKitzbuhel, Austria
Kitzbuhel is known first and foremost as a skiing town. However, for a small town, Kitzbuhel has won many awards for its food. There are many prestigious chefs that reside in Kitzbuhel and continue to create delicious concoctions. Be sure to try the traditional pancake dish of Kitzbuhel: Kaiserschmarrn. Another favorite local dish is Wuchteln, which is a dumpling filled with jam and vanilla custard. There are lots of opportunities to try food from other cultures, as there are great Mexican, Italian and Asian restaurants.

We encourage you to try the Hotel Tennerhof during your stay in Kitzbuhel. Their suites include a TV, balcony, Jacuzzi and large bed. Guests also enjoy free Wifi, a welcome from their patisserie, gourmet breakfast, and use of the pool, sauna and spa. Their restaurant serves some of the best foods of the region, and even offers a romantic candlelight dinner option. They also offer a hot tub, massages and a beautiful garden to promote your relaxation.

Hotel SchlossgartenStuttgart, Germany
Not only is Stuttgart a paradise for car and wine lovers, but it also offers tasty cuisine. Stuttgart has been presented with the most gourmet stars of any German city. One of Stuttgart’s most well-known foods is the Bretzel. They are served at almost any bakery or shop that you visit. Swabian cooking is centered on a lot of pastas, such as Spätzle and Maultaschen. Almost everything that you eat will have a sauce to accompany it and increase its flavor. Their wines are also unsurpassed, and are served with most meals.

The Althoff Hotel AM Schlossgarten is a five-star hotel located in the gardens of Stuttgart. It is conveniently near to all the important sites of the city. They have a variety of rooms and suites, including a Panorama Suite. The Panorama Suite has a terrace with an all-surrounding view of Stuttgart, sound proof windows, flatscreen TV and living room. There are a range of places to eat at this hotel, from the restaurant to a café to a bar. You can choose between private dining, less formal meals at any of the other restaurants or dinner on the balcony with a romantic view.