Pondering an “Off the Beaten Path” honeymoon is worth your thoughts…places that you probably wouldn’t have considered, but are jewels worth the discovery! These “off the beaten path” destinations all over the world each have their own uniqueness and would make for an ideal honeymoon destination…read and dream…

Bhutan is known as the “hidden treasure”. Tucked in the Himalayan Mountains, the nature experience is incredible. From forests to valleys to mountains and rivers, it’s the place to soak in beauty. There are options to go trekking, white-water rafting, biking, 4-wheeling, fishing and partake in archery. There are 670 species of birds to discover and glimpses of Red Pandas, snow leopards and Golden Langur Monkeys to photograph.

The Uma by Como, Bhutan has two locations…Uma Paro and Uma Punakha. Spend time in both and you will really experience the area. Their concierge services are outstanding to make your honeymoon easy and hassle free. They will enable you to not only have a luxurious stay but also give you opportunity to take in some of the culture through traditional dance and music, partaking in the local cuisine and learning about the ancient beliefs and traditional dress. To top it off, they also have luxurious spas where you can pampered and relax!

MidLakesErie Canal, Upstate New York, USA
A traditional honeymoon finds accommodation in a hotel or villa or cottage. Why not consider something completely different and spend your honeymoon on a boat on the Erie Canal? The waters are calm and you are assured the proper lessons and training to make the operation of the boat stress free. The Mid-Lakes Navigation has everything you need to meander down the canal at your own leisurely pace, stopping at various quaint towns along the way to explore. The boats are fully equipped with a kitchen, should you want to make your own meals, and bikes to make the exploration of the small towns convenient. Take in the museums, Framers Markets, shops and taverns on the canal. And be sure to go fishing and swimming from the deck of your boat…or simply relax in the sun!

Hotel ThermeVals Valley, Switzerland
Vals Valley is 1250 meters above sea level, has mountains on 3 sides and centers around a village square…thus being appropriately described as “the last place in the valley.” It’s an awesome place to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. It’s most well known feature is their thermal spa, built from local quartize. The town is dedicated to consuming their own local produce and keeping the traditions of the area. The houses are made from Walser Stone and worth exploring and investigating. There’s music every evening and the Val Lumnezia Open Air Festival in July.

Stay at the Hotel Therme and you can enjoy a range of spa treatments, therapies and beauty treatments. The rooms are just a skywalk from the spa, making pampering simple and easy. They are elegantly decorated and have luxurious bathrooms. A honeymoon in Vals Valley will provide many amazing memories!

CotswoldWalking Tour, Cotswold Way, England
If you enjoy walking and exploring the countryside, take this love to scenic England. They host a variety of walking tours from Chipping Campden to Bath. The views are outstanding, the small towns and villages are quaint and fun to explore. Along the way, there are a number of bed and breakfast establishments to rest for the night. You can choose different options for your tour, including number of miles walking each day, length of time spent at a stop, etc. This allows you to enjoy the cheese rolling contest, the old mills, the abbeys, shopping and the pub life of England. The walking tour ends with a Roman Bath soak!

Hotel PerlenauMonschau, Germany
Monschau is full of “half timbered houses and narrow streets”, being unchanged for the last 300 years. It’s located in the North Eifel Mountain Range on the River Rur. This “off the beaten path” location is full of charm. Take some time to explore the Monschau Castle or take advantage of the yearly open air music festival.

Hotel Perlenau is situated just outside of Monschau and within walking distance of the town. There is a beautiful stream running next to the hotel to sit by and enjoy some tranquility. They offer a special Romantic Weekend for Two, perfect for your honeymoon. There are plenty of places to hike and enjoy the outstanding scenery in the area.

Sal HotelSalar de Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia
The Salt Flat itself is 10,582 square kilometers, the largest Salt Flat in the world! The flat creates a great mirror during rainy season, which means double sunsets and sunrises, as well as wonderful photography moments. It’s a peaceful tranquil atmosphere and a unique place to spend your honeymoon.

Also in the area you will find more salt mines, Sol de Manana, a geothermal field and beautiful lakes. You can choose to go on a tour throughout the flats or stay in a salt hotel. The Palaci de Sal Hotel is made of 10,000 tons of salt! Even some of the furniture! The rooms have private baths, a solarium and electricity. Spending your honeymoon at the salt flats would be a wonderful and simply amazing experience!

Villa Soro SquareSan Sebastian, Spain
San Sebastian, Spain comes highly recommended as a great “off the beaten path” destination. With its unique culture and traditions, there is a lot to explore and experience. Enjoy your meals at waterside restaurants or in the small back street eateries. The Town is known for it’s incredible dining, whether fancy or simple. You can also go biking, walk on the beach or visit its art galleries and museums. In July and September there are parades and festivals, and a vibrant nightlife all year long! There is also the Procession of Drummers-Tamborrada, an all night event that you do not want to miss! La Concha Bay is a small island off the coast of Spain and close to San Sebastian, and is a wonderful option for a day trip.

Stay at the Villa Soro. a 100 year old villa which has been renovated to present luxury. You will be only 10 minutes from most attractions including the beach. They have a wonderful concierge service to help you plan your stay to your wishes!

Lamu, Kenya
Lamu located off the coast of Kenya and going there is taking a step back in time. The island is full of history and unique culture, narrow streets and elaborately carved doors. There are no vehicles on the island, but plenty of donkeys and even a donkey sanctuary!! The beaches are beautiful and offer opportunity for all sorts of water sports as well as sunset dhow trips. You can partake in amazing seafood and delicious fresh squeezed juices. The slow pace of Lamu lends itself to a relaxing and refreshing stay! Going to the Swahili House Museum, the Lamu Museum and the Lamu Fort are all worth your time. For the adventurous, why not take part in a donkey race?

While in Lamu, Kizingo is a luxurious place to stay! They have 8 spacious bandas on the beach, and their bookings are all inclusive. The bandas have a Lamu swing bed – too comfortable and fun to miss out on! They serve fresh bread, seafood, and fresh locally grown vegetables.

Cave HotelCave Hotel, Cappaddocia, Turkey
What could be more unique and off the beaten path than a Cave Hotel? This classy and luxurious accommodation offers an incredible destination for your honeymoon. It overlooks a gorgeous view of the Ortahisar castle and old cave houses nearby. Experience this unusual architecture, awesome village life, and the natural cave stores. It is also a very well known and popular place to go hot air ballooning! There are historical sights, underground cities of Derinkuyu, churches and castles to explore, and horseback riding. The shopping is incredible with local crafts such as pottery, jewelry and carpets.

The Hezen Cave Hotel offers rooms with comfortable bedding, ground heated marble shower bathrooms and exquisite bath products. The uniqueness of these rooms adds to the special stay! From the hotel you can arrange to go 4-wheeling, biking, hiking, climb a volcano or tea tasting. For a cultural adventure, engage in a Turkish Night with its folk dances!

NetherlandsUtrecht, Netherlands
You find in the center of Utrecht the Dom Tower. You can see the tower from anywhere in town, so it’s impossible to get lost while you explore this city! As the Netherlands is known, enjoy the canals, whether by boat or from wharf cellars with cafés and terraces on their shores. Utrecht has beautiful botanical gardens, markets and a ton of art and culture! Explore the Railway Museum and the Rietveld Schroder House, built in 1924 and very unique.

Stay in the Hotel Dom Utrecht. It’s close to the town center and the shopping district. There are amazing views of the city from your suite’s private balcony. Each suite comes with a king size bed and sitting area, as well as a Jacuzzi and power shower complete with hotel robe! It’s a great place to stay and explore Utrecht!