Why not try something different for a honeymoon option? From staying on a converted bus or in an ice hotel…or even in an underwater suite, the choices are endless. It would be hard to forget a few days on the Spitbank Fort or the chance to ride an elephant! Check out these unforgettable destinations…

Manta SquareThe Manta Resort Underwater Room, Zanzibar
Enjoy an outstanding nature experience for your honeymoon and stay in the Underwater Room in Zanzibar. It comes complete with a sun deck above water, as well as your accommodation below water. Your room affords you the opportunity to view sea life close up, both during the day and at night! In addition, you can enjoy relaxing and soaking up the sun on your personal sun deck. While you are there, why not take in the unique culture of Pembe Island and Zanzibar…full of history, culture and a beautiful untouched coral reef.

Snow Village SquareSnow Village, Finland
If you enjoy cold weather and want to experience an amazing work of art, consider The Snow Village for your honeymoon. Each year, a village created from ice and snow is artistically built to impress anyone who experiences a stay there. Don’t worry, it includes the amenities that a hotel would provide, including a restaurant, bar, and lobby…yet also displays magnificent ice sculptures. If staying in a room made from snow and ice doesn’t appeal to you, this destination is still worth considering by staying in their cabins (made of wood and complete with sauna) and enjoying the Ice Village as well.

La Joya SquareLa Joya de Cabo de Gata, Spain
Was the wedding planning hectic, trying to juggle details while you worked and kept up with the daily demand of daily life? La Joya de Cabo de Gata is just the honeymoon destination for you, with the intentional theme of a place to slow down. It’s quiet and private. The varying landscape is waiting there for you to explore…from the terrain to the plant life. There are 3 cottages available, and the recommendation would be to choose the Hayman El Caid, which has the feel of the desert and the ambience of an Arabic setting among the Palm Trees.

Spitbank Fort SquareSpitbank Fort, Hampshire, UK
The Spitbank Fort was built in the 1900s, and is now transformed into a luxury destination site. Start your honeymoon on a boat ride to the fort located off the coast of Portsmouth. The rooms are luxurious, and cater to the most exquisite tastes. In addition the fort includes a rooftop hot pool and fire pit as well as gaming rooms and a sauna. Enjoy fishing or flying a kite off the fort, as well as wine tasting. This would truly be a honeymoon that you would not forget!

Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon, Iceland
If you desire relaxation and pampering on your honeymoon, check out the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Its uniqueness allows you the luxury of in-water and open air massage, as well as a variety of other massage options. It’s water, rich in minerals, has been known to give the highest of spa experiences. They also offer spa beauty treatments to enjoy as a special treat.

For accommodation, the Hotel Keflavik will round out your spa experience. Their suites include whirlpool bathtubs as well as coffee and tea offerings. There is also a fitness room available to you. While you are there, why not visit the Viking World, one of Iceland’s historical places located in Keflavik?

Majestic BusThe Majestic Bus
Majestic in its own right, unique as a converted bus. It’s situated in an incredible flower garden in the country at the edge of the Radnorshire Hills. The bus is fully equipped with a kitchen, living area and bedroom area. It even has solar panels on the roof to provide electricity! The deck and the fire pit add to the experience allowing you to enjoy a meal comfortably outside. It is close to Hay on Wye, a quaint market town and a place to wander and explore leisurely, and take in one or two of its festivals. In all, heading to Herefordshire for your honeymoon is a wonderfully enchanting option.

Kelebek Cave Hotel SquareKelebek Special Cave Hotel, Turkey
Travel to Goreme, Turkey for your honeymoon and you won’t forget it! The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel comes complete with a Turkish Bath Cave, with different types of massage offered, as well as a mosaic decorated pool. Their Presidential Suites with hand carved furniture and local fabric complete the authenticity of an accommodation set in this town. Goreme is known for its fairy chimney rock formations, which you can explore in the Goreme National Park. In fact, the town of Goreme is built into volcanic rock, a fascination of its own. While there, you can take advantage of a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Tour of Cappadocia or simply hiking through the local terrain.

Lobby Capri PalaceCapri Palace Hotel & Spa, Italy
The Capri Palace Hotel & Spa is specially tailored toward those who enjoy and appreciate the arts. The Hotel, on the Island of Anacapri, has been referred to as “the place of the soul.” Art in varying forms works its way through hotel, not only on its walls but also in it’s cuisine and hospitality giving you a complete artistic experience. The Hotel also features the 1st Medical Spa in the world to add to your experience. Next to the hotel exists the opportunity to shop for beautiful works of art. If you choose to say in the Penthouse Acropolis Suite, you will enjoy phenomenal panoramic views and luxury accommodation. Since the hotel is designed to envoke your emotions through its art forms, choosing the Capri Palace Hotel for your honeymoon will give you an unforgettable time.

Alaska's Passage SquareAlaska’s Inside Passage
Discover Alaska’s Inside Passage for your honeymoon. There is a large variety of nature to observe in the terrain as well as the animal life. Enjoy incredible views of nature with the beautiful waterfalls, icebergs and bears grazing on the shore while mountain goats stand on the cliff, humpback whales and sea otters. Among the more unusual natural wonders are the muskeg (stunted trees) and glaciers crashing into the sea. Plan to travel on one of National Geographic’s small ships, either the Sea Lion or the Sea Bird. They come equipped with both sea kayaks and zodiacs to explore the smaller inlet and coastlines. There are also opportunities to explore the towns along the way and hike on small trails. The tour is 8 days, and you can also choose the option of extending the trip another 7 days and explore the Denali National Park.

Elephant Camp SquareAnantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp, Thailand
Ever want to drive an elephant rather than a car!?! This is entirely possible at the Golden Triangle Elephant Camp. Not only can you learn to drive an elephant, but there is opportunity to take part in Elephant Yoga and go on a Sunset Elephant trek. You will have the chance to learn a lot about elephants, how to train them and their habitat. Located where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand converge, the Anantara Gold Triangle Resort offers luxury suites to relax and enjoy the amazing views of the lush hillsides, or choose to be involved in the many activities they offer. If you want to explore the Mekong in a longtail board or trek through the jungle on an elephant…or simply go shopping and explore the culture, the Resort can arrange a honeymoon tailored to your wishes.