Before flying off to an exotic honeymoon location, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve planned it just right. We don’t want any last minute mishaps, now do we?

Here are 10 of the most common honeymoon mistakes couples make, and here’s how you can and should avoid them like the plague.

1. Don’t be Too Eager to Make Early Reservations
Following the wedding, I’m fairly certain neither one of you is going to bed any time soon, particularly if the wedding reception was in the evening. You don’t want to sleep right through your early morning wake-up call, do you? But then again, you don’t need an early morning wake up call. You also don’t want to show up the next day at the airport, all groggy and bleary-eyed, kind of like how some folks are when going back to work on Mondays.

2. Plan Ahead Now, Save Money and Headaches Later
A dire mistake most couples make is to not plan their honeymoon ahead of time, before their wedding. You should be working out these details at least 6 to 9 months out. Save yourself the money and headache, trust me, you don’t want any of that when the time comes to jet over to your favorite honeymoon spot. Make early reservations, and get the best deals on airfare.

3. I’ll take the Lead, You Follow Directions
It’s understandable how men want to take the lead when it comes to “planning”. Some women do just the same, given their dominating or controlling nature. Now look here, the honeymoon is for both of you, it makes perfect sense to plan everything together as a team. One person doing all the planning may feel guilty if things don’t go according to the plan and the other’s going to be left sorely disappointed, most likely.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Borrow outside Help
Many independent brides take it upon themselves to plan everything without any outside involvement whatsoever. This can spell disaster at times, and a honeymoon is no different. Knowing when to turn to professional advice is key. Most couples lack the travel experience to fully understand the ins and outs of planning a successful honeymoon. Enlist the help of a person who specializes in honeymoon travelling and planning – this may open up more options to you, locations or even attractions you may not have previously considered.

5. Clinging to Each Other throughout is Not Mandatory
It is understandable that couples want to spend as much quality time together as possible, on their honeymoon. Let’s say if your spouse wants to tee off to the beach and laze around for a while and you want to check out that Ferrari showroom around the corner, no problem at all! It’s fun to plan a quick solo activity or two, then rendezvous and share the experience with each other.

6. Common Luggage Sensibilities
Let me ask you this: depending on the duration of your getaway, let’s say you’re going away for a few days, there’s no need to pack luggage for two to three weeks, is there? The art of luggage-packing is something every couple should master. There are a lot of safety and security check-ins at airports, even hotels for travelers. Packing too many things or tightly shoving them in the wrong way, you run the risk of losing items or damaging them. Carry-on bags are always helpful.

7. Mum’s the Word – Not!
Hey, everybody loves a honeymooning couple, even your Aunty Agatha who’s been single for a good 20 years now! There’s no need to be modest when you’re honeymooning away; while making reservations, let them know as you’ll probably get to enjoy a special treatment in the form of a gift basket delivered exclusively to your room or a complimentary champagne bottle while flying.

8. Travel Insurance You Say?
Travelling to a location for the very first time or not being familiar enough may pose certain problems. In another country, travel insurance while honeymooning is crucial – you just don’t know what might happen while travelling. You might contract a foreign virus. It pays to be safe – in case you need to cancel your flight, it’s always good to have cancellation and medical insurance. Airfares are nonrefundable.

9. Those Cost-savvy Packages
It wouldn’t hurt to talk to a travel agent, not at all, I assure you! A handful of cost-savvy travel packages let you have all the frills you could possibly want while giving the wallet a little breathing room.

10. A Budget IS Mandatory
This goes without saying – decide on what you’re splurging on and where you’re going to save. Money hassles can easily be avoided, you don’t need those.