If you are looking for a honeymoon experience that is focused around the “cliffs”, you might enjoy some of these rock climbing honeymoon destinations.

HikerKarabi, Thailand (Railay Beach)
This exotic location happens to sit right next to the largest coral reef in the world that reaches from China to Papua New Guinea. Its beautiful beaches and tropical weather make this place a perfect destination already, while its excellent climbing makes Railay Beach a favorite destination for rock climbers. It is surrounded by limestone cliffs which have over 700 routes that can satisfy all levels of climbers. Enjoy bouldering and rope climbing, lead climbing and rappelling all with a fabulous view!

For a luxurious stay, try the Sunrise Tropical Resort that sits right next to the white sands and cliffs at Railay Beach. This Resort has 28 villas that are inspired by Thai style and decorations and yet have all the modern facilities. Reached only by traditional boats, this unique destination sits shaded in a tropical garden and keeps every guest in the lap of luxury.

villavicko2Dalmatia, Croatia
Visit the home of the largest marine limestone in Europe. Full of rich history, this destination has many sights to see along with many cliffs to climb. Climbing started in the 2oth century on the 300 meter cliffs and now has stretched all along the extensive range of Dalmatia. Enjoy this rock climber’s paradise and everything that goes along with it: sport climbing, bouldering, multipath climbing and deep sea soloing! There is never climbing season that last longer, for it lasts all year.

Enjoy a 4 star honeymoon at Villa Vicko, a villa that rests on the sea near the best rock climbing destinations. This hotel has unique cuisine featuring different cultural dishes from all around Europe. It also is situated on a beautiful beach and every room has a view of the sea. Enjoy the multiple activities provided such as rock climbing, snorkeling and horseback riding to make an adventure that you will never forget.

hotelphiloxeniaGreece (Kalymnos)
This island of Greece is a dream come true for most rock climbing lovers, for it is said to be one of the biggest rock climbing sport route destinations in the world. With over 1,700 routes ranging from beginner to master level in difficulty; this is the ultimate destination for rock climbers. These limestone faces make an excellent climbing surface while the actual location provides a relaxing holiday atmosphere full of Greek hospitality, wonderful weather and beautiful beaches.

Enjoy a quiet getaway on the coast of Kalymnos in Hotel Philoxenia, which has a wonderful view of tiny islands and fabulous sunsets. This three star hotel is family run and has had multiple awards for its excellent service. This hotel is unique in the way that it isn’t in the bustle of the city and yet it is still close to the best climbing destinations and the beach. Enjoy privacy and the hospitality of Hotel Philoxenia.

molino2Spain (Andalucia & Southern Spain)
Enjoy Spain and all it has to offer while visiting the El Chorro, a famous limestone gorge full of places to climb. Enjoy giant limestone slabs and steep faces. It has multiple levels of difficulty and excellent multipath routes. Experience the thrill and adventure as you enter via a man made walk that is suspended 100 meters in the air and is strengthened with cables. After making your way through the gorge, you enter into the sun and reach the less intimidating peaks and relax in the gorgeous fresh air of Spain.

Enjoy Molino del Santo, a pleasant small hotel that has been prepared down to the smallest detail just for you. This hotel has excellent service and hospitality and is in an amazing location, right in the middle of the old town, full of Arabic and Roman history. In your free time, it is advised to take advantage of your proximity to these historic sights and visit the ancient structures and towns full of culture. Also this hotel is not far from interesting climbing locations making this an ideal location just for you!

thebroadmoorColorado, USA (Colorado Springs)
Enjoy wonderful scenery and difficult climbs in Colorado’s finest climbing sight. In Colorado Springs, there are multiple climbing passes which all have their own unique attractions. From Rocky Mountains National Parks, which offers trails for every level, to Rifle Mountain Park which is considered “hardcore” with the best limestone faces, this place has something for everyone. It is famous for its wonderful weather, spectacular scenery and amazing Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy the five star treatment at The Broadmoor, a record winning AAA five- diamond award winning hotel set in the midst of the Rockies. This extensive property offers a luxurious way to visit the wild west of America. You can enjoy the spa after a hike to the streams and mountain trails of the Rockies or rest by the pool after a climb and enjoy a taste of the amazing cuisine. This hotel offers service, luxury, location and a honeymoon that will never be forgotten.

gardenareaArgentina (Chubut Region)
This region in the Andes is an ideal honeymoon destination for rock climbers. Featuring the Piedra Parada rock area, stretching up to 260m high, this region holds mostly sport climbing on volcanic rock. The Chubut River runs nearby, in the middle of this huge plateau. There are many skill levels available, making it accessible to all. Due to the weather, the most ideal time to climb would be from October to December.

For a wonderful honeymoon stay, use the Posada Los Mimbres. In this hotel, you can choose between the “Old House” accommodations, which are built in a traditional settlers fashion with modern sleeping arrangements, or the “New House,” which is built in a more modern setting, with a wonderful view of the gardens. This hotel also offers guided tours and nature walks, along with historical tours as well. The family-run restaurant offers delicious home cooked meals for you and your spouse to enjoy.

img_17970338Antalya, Turkey
Visit this beautiful location right next to the Mediterranean and treat yourself to the beauty all around you. From waterfalls that plunge into the seas below to the beautiful beaches and animal parks, nature puts on its best displays. It is considered one of the best places in the world to climb. The varying levels of altitude and climate make it so that you can get your pick of the weather all year around. Its location next to the ocean provides you with a stunning view and the unique rock formations make climbing here a time to remember!

If you are looking for a hotel that has extensive grounds and top notch facilities, then the Hotel Baia Lara could be a good choice for you.This hotel offers excellent service and huge resort for you to hide away in. Enjoy the multiple pools and Jacuzzis, the perfectly furbished rooms, the spa and excellent cuisine. The modern facilities are evident in this hotel, and yet the unique decorations and hotel layout makes this hotel stand out among the rest!

img_6804157British Columbia, Canada (Squamish)
The large granite faces of Stawamus Chief, a large mountain in Squamish are what make it a popular rock climbing destination in Canada. The granite is very good quality and near the village, it is mainly slabs and chunks, while further North it is metamorphosed rock. With well over 1,500 climbing routes of multiple difficulty levels, this is a wonderful place to climb. Its beautiful location full of famous British Columbia sights certainly gives this place a breath of fresh air. Enjoy doing the things you love in this excellent location of Canada!

If you want to fully take advantage of the wild outdoors of Squamish, be sure to take a look at Executive Suites Hotel & Resort which is a large resort full of suites that are furbished fit for a king. This resort is famous for its outdoor activities, which even include white water rafting. Its amazing location right next to the Stawamus Chief Park makes it a great “homebase” after climbing the granite cliffs for a few hours! Enjoy the rooms, pools and so much more in this wonderful resort in Canada!

img_498341Victoria, Australia (Arapiles)
Are you looking for options? Arapiles provides over 2,000 rock climbing routes for you and your spouse to choose between. Crafted from strong sandstone, this small rock mountain is ideal for climbing. The location’s wonderful weather allows the mountain to be a year-round favorite, although there are sure to be crowds over Easter break. Because of the diverse climbing routes, there is sure to be something to suit everyone! Besides the wonderful climbing opportunities, this rock face is situated nearby a little town that offers a view into authentic Australian culture.

For eco-friendly lodgings for you and your spouse, pick the DULC cabins. The choices of cabin style include: tree house, twin and single and all offer kitchen facilities and a spa for your use. It is situated nearby the climbing range, along with other attractions such as restaurants, pottery shops, professional rock climbing tours, fishing tours and more. These cabins give a homey feeling to your stay and provide a genuine view of your location, away from the stiff hotels.

Safi RoyalNuevo León, Mexico (El Potrero Chico) Visit some of the tallest limestone in North America at this incredible mountain landscape! It offers more than 500 routes, one of which is the second longest sport route in North America. Other nearby attractions include the close town of Hidalgo, the hot springs, and the rock art. This renowned climbing area has easier routes well suited for beginners and a variety of multi-pitch climbs available as well. Embrace the Mexican culture as you enjoy its thrilling rock faces!

Try the Safi Royal Luxury Hotels for a luxurious honeymoon stay. Winner of the TripAdvisor 2013 Certificate of Excellence, this hotel offers meeting rooms, a gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and high speed internet for you to take advantage of. There are a wide range of rooms offered for you and your spouse to choose from. With glowing recommendations from all who have stayed there, this hotel is dedicated to serving you and your spouse. They are located within range of the city’s attractions and rock climbing areas.