A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be transformed by an exotic location. Small islands tucked away from all of the hustle and bustle of major tourist cities coupled with white sand beaches and only the sound of the ocean breeze can turn this special occasion into an unforgettable magical moment you will never forget. If you and your special someone prefer excitement and adventure, then a SCUBA diving vacation in the South Pacific could be the ideal option for your dream honeymoon. Here are a few of the most popular and most romantic honeymoon destinations for adventure seeking lovers..

sipadan-islandSipadan Island
Borneo is one of the most ecologically rich places in the world. To experience the diversity of its offshore habitats, visit Sipadan Island on the east coast of Borneo. This idyllic island in the Celebes Sea is renowned for its untouched reefs and dramatic sea cliffs. Hop on a boat in Semporna, and you and your spouse will be diving within the hour. After a full day of diving, you and your loved one can relax in style at the Mabul Water Bungalows, a floating dive resort just off the island where every room offers spectacular views of the surrounding sea.

mataking-islandMataking Island
Semporna is a superb base destination with access to many islands in the Celebes Sea, including Mataking Island. The landmasses of Mataking Besar and Mataking Kesil both have excellent diving sites on the edge of the continental shelf. In addition to snapping photos of the abundant underwater life in the so-called Garden of Eden, divers can drop off postcards at the island’s underwater post office. Enjoy the sunset at the luxurious Reef Dive Resort.

kapalai-islandKapalai Island
Another popular honeymoon and diving destination near Semporna is Kapalai Island. Ideal for macro diving, this protected area is home to an exceptional variety of tiny sea creatures. Dive sites are close together and boast exotic names, such as Stingray City, Lost World, Twin Peak and Great Wall. Just a short boat ride away, Borneo Divers Mabul Resort with its tall palm trees and white sand beaches, will offer you the all the beauty and intimacy you could ever dream for on your honeymoon.

mabul-islandMabul Island
Known as Sipadan’s little cousin, Mabul Island is a muck diving paradise. The island’s small reef and emerald waters are filled with rare creatures. Sediment-rich dive sites appeal to human visitors as well as octopus, shrimp and well-concealed frogfish. Just off the edge of the island, you and your spouse can be wined and dined at the Sipidan Water Village Resort where individual cottages are connected by flowered walkways just feet above the beautiful waters of the island.

si-amil-islandSi Amil Island
Macro diving and muck diving are at their best around Si Amil Island. Also accessible from Semporna, this magical destination is sure to make any trip worthwhile. The island’s secluded reefs are rich with tiny shrimp, sea dragons, pygmy seahorses and slug-like nudibranchs. Just a quick ride to Sipidan Island, you and your spouse can spend an intimate evening in the posh cottages at Sipidan-Mabul Resort, nestled under the shadows of palm palms and surrounded by beautiful white sand paths.

kakaban-islandKakaban Island
Experienced divers and snorkelers will appreciate a trip to the undisturbed Kakaban Island. Although conditions are challenging, divers are likely to see the rarest species as well as some undiscovered varieties. On land, visitors can explore the island’s central lake, swamps and diverse mangrove forests. Just a short distance away, Maratua Paradise Resort will give you luxury lodging in a quiet, intimate surrounding.

sangalaki-islandSangalaki Island
Also located in the Celebes Sea, Sangalaki Island is one of the best diving areas in the region. This desolate island is surrounded by shallow lagoons populated by manta rays, colorful fish, giant turtles and 500 types of coral. Because of this islands close distance to Kakaban Island, Maratua Paradise Resort is recommended. You will enjoy a lovely stay at this Resort while discovering the fantastic dive spots.

maratua-islandMaratua Island
This horseshoe-shaped island in the Celebes Sea has more than 20 world-class diving sites. There are calm lagoons, tremendous sea cliffs, turbulent tidal channels, cabbage coral beds and jetties populated by giant clams, octopus, exotic fish and an ever-changing variety of sea creatures. Again, Maratua Pardise Resort is the place to spend a romantic evening with your spouse. If you want more information on Maratua, please ask.

lankayan-islandLankayan Island
Borneo’s northeastern coast is embraced by Malaysia’s Sulu Sea, which is home to many exceptional honeymoon destinations and diving sites, including Lankayan Island. This protected marine area is populated by hard and soft corals that provide shelter for juvenile fish, migrating sea turtles and a host of exotic species. Stop in Sanadakan before visiting this eco-tourism destination. Make your honeymoon memories even more special by staying in the beautiful chalets at Lankayan Island Dive Resort. Located far from civilization, you will be surrounded by baby turtles and white sand beaches at this macro diving paradise.

layang-layang-islandLayang Layang Island
Located in the South China Sea, Layang Layang Island represents the best of Borneo. This grand atoll is ideal for shallow dives and deep-water expeditions. Since it’s hundreds of miles off the coast, this destination is only accessible by plane, but the trip is worth it. Layang Layang Island is home to a complex 13-ring reef system where you’ll discover docile turtles, dazzling coral bridges, barracuda families and sharks. Layang Layang Island Resort is the perfect resort to finish out you romantic honeymoon getaway. Far from the throws of civilization, you will still be surrounded by luxury, great food, and spectacular views.

With a little bit of equipment and training, SCUBA diving is the perfect way to explore the South Pacific with the love of your life. Stay in Semporna to visit several local islands, or travel around Borneo to discover the wonders of the Malay Archipelago. All you need to bring is the romance.

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Andrew is a world traveler with a passion for adventure, experiencing new cultures, and trying out new foods. When he is not swimming with the fish, he likes to spend his free time blogging about it. His latest diving adventure was to the islands you just read about. He used Asia Diving Vacations to help plan his boat transportation as well as hotel bookings during his trip.